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Required Material List for Art Class:

  • Newspaper

  • Rags (to moisten and cover work at end of sculpting sessions)


Materials provided with class fee:

  • Wooden dowels (1/4 inch 3/8 inch diameter) - for standard poses

  • Threaded rod, nuts and washers (1/4 inch 5/16 inch diameter) - for dynamic poses

  • Minimum ¾ inch thick square base board (side length 10 to 14 inches)

  • Masking tape

  • Drywall fiber tape (coarse mesh)

  • Corrugated cardboard

  • Bamboo or metal shish kabob sticks

  • Plastic bags to cover sculpture

  • Clay (cone 5/6 or higher)


Recommended Material list

  • Sculpting tools (various tools will be made available in class)

  • 1/4 inch gauge gas plumbing pipes and fittings for temporary exterior armature

  • 24 Gauge galvanized wire

  • Drawing paper and drawing materials of your choice (for initial figure sketching and planning stage)

See below for examples and details (hover over pictures, click for full image)

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