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Spring Class 2

Please book classes through Fort Mason Artists (online, or with check by mail). For up to date changes and other offerings visit FMA's official website.

Ecorche in oil clay by Konrad Dunton

Sculpting a figure in clay with a focus on proportions and anatomy 

Mondays, March 13 - May 15 2023 (no class 4/3/2023 and 4/10/2023)

In this class we will be sculpting a figure in clay with an emphasis on establishing proper proportions and volumes, afterwards we will discuss human anatomy and see how it can inform our work.

Beginning and continuing sculptors are invited to sculpt from a live model for six sessions. There will be one long pose and several short warm-up poses.  For those interested, we will start with a guided demonstration in building an internal armature, as we have done in previous classes. Th focus of instructional help will be on proportions and anatomy.

We will conclude the class by preparing the sculpture for firing it in the kiln.  Participants will be responsible for the firing of their piece. There will be an informational handout with the various kiln firing service providers. 

We will discuss the finishing processes for the sculpture including the creation of the base and surface treatment (paint, glaze, etc...) of figure and base.

A separate finishing workshop will be offered at another time, for those who would like to complete the sculpture to a gallery show ready state .

Please bring the following to the first day of instruction:

(These are the materials needed in building a sculpture with internal support structure)

Required Material List: (* You can purchase from instructor on first day of class)

  • Newspaper

  • Rags (to moisten and cover work at end of sculpting sessions)

  • Clay (can be purchased from instructor)

  • Box and packing materials to transport finished piece (last day of instruction)

  • Proof of Covid vaccination and mask


Materials Included in Class: 

  • Masking tape (1/2 to 3/4 inch wide) 

  • Drywall fiber tape (coarse mesh) 

  • 1⁄2 inch thick rectangular base board (side length 8 by 12 inches) 

  • Armature materials

  • Trash bag to cover work

Recommended Material List:

  • Sculpting tools (various basic tools will be made available in class)

  • Clothing which can get dirty (or apron)

  • Drawing paper and drawing materials of your choice (for initial figure sketching and planning stage)

Additional Costs:

  • Clay can be purchased in class (regular clay $15, paper clay $18)


Instructor: Konrad Dunton

Instructor's Website:

Class Tuition: $375

Model Fee: $85 payable at the first session  (or add during registration)
Date(s): 03/13/2023 - 05/15/2023 (no class 04/03/23 and 04/10/23)
Day: Monday
Time: 6:15 PM - 10:15 PM
Number of meetings: 8
MPIC Clubhouse

350 O'Shaughnessy Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94127

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