Fall Class 2

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Building a clothed figure in clay using an internal armature

Tuesdays, Oct. 22 – Dec. 3 2019

In this class we will be sculpting a figure in clay with an emphasis on clothing. We will first work with the model in the nude for 4 sessions and later with the clothed model for 3 sessions. The initial focus will be to establish the human form with proper proportions and volumes, then we will switch to the study of the dynamics of clothing and how the folds can be simplified and made to enhance the pose.

Both beginning and continuing artists are invited to sculpt from our live model for seven sessions. There will be one long pose for the entire 7 weeks.  For those interested, we will start with a guided demonstration in building an internal armature, as we have done in previous classes.

The focus of instructional help will be on armature building, establishing the human form and how to drape it in clothing. We will conclude the class by preparing the sculpture for firing it in the kiln. The piece will then have to dry and go through bisque firing before it is ready for pickup. This process takes approximately 2 weeks.

Please bring the following to the first day of instruction:

(These are the materials needed in building a sculpture with internal armature)

Required Material List: (* You can also purchase from instructor on first day of class)

  • Newspaper

  • Threaded rod, washers and nuts (3/4 or 5/16 diameter)  

  • Minimum ¾ inch thick square base board (side length 9 to 11 inches)   

  • Rags (to moisten and cover work at end of sculpting sessions)

  • Trash bag to cover work

  • First bag of clay provided by school

Recommended Material list:

  • Sculpting tools (various tools will be made available in class)

  • Bamboo or metal shish kabob sticks

  • Drawing paper and drawing materials (for initial figure sketching and planning stage)


Additional Costs:

  • Model fee (pending class size ~ $56 total), payable to the instructor during the first session.

  • Additional clay can be purchased in class (regular clay $11, paper clay $13)

  • There will be a material fee of approximately $8 (depending on needed materials)


Instructor: Konrad Dunton


Class Fee: $TBD ($10 discount given when enrolling in multiple classes)
Date(s): 10/22
/19 - 12/3/19
Day: Tuesday
Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Number of meetings: 7
Fort Mason, Bldg B
Rm: 103