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About The School

The Fort Masson Artists is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing art and art services back to San Francisco. We are currently located at the MPIC Clubhouse (Miraloma Park Improvement Club), until we settle into a permanent home.

Come early and enjoy the many scenic views around the Clubhouse, we are not far away from Glen Park, with its cafes, restaurants and much more.


FMA's General  Website: 

General Phone Number:   (650) 868-6336


MPIC's General Website: 

About The Teacher

Konrad Dunton has been working as an artist in figurative work for decades.

He has also taught/lectured in various art disciplines at colleges and universities for many years.

For more details about him and his work visit his website.


General Phone Number:   (650) 868-6336


"My Goal is to pursue my love for teaching and pass on what I have learned in figurative art over the decades.

The Classes will be about Art, the human figure, anatomy, sculpting- and building-techniques and most of all the joy of doing art."

Konrad Dunton

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