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Finishing Art Material List to Complete and Surface Your Sculpture:

  • Threaded rod, washers, nuts (make sure it fits existing holes in legs)

  • Mixing container

  • Two component polyurethane resin

  • Small funnel that fits into holes in piece.

  • Glues (two component epoxy and super glue)

  • Gesso to seal ceramic piece

  • Faux metal paints and cold patinas solution

  • Acrylic paints

  • Oil paints

  • Metal paints

  • Clear coat for finishing and protecting metal effects

  • Newspaper, masking tape (3/4" to 1" wide)

Recommended Tools List for Sculpture Work

  • Regular Art brushes (for water, acrylic, or oil painting)

  • Stipple brushes

  • Airbrush

  • 5 gallon bucket to hold piece upside down while pouring resin

  • Rags, foam for cushioning sculpture while working on it

  • Cutting wheel (to cut threaded rod

Finishing Art Material List to Complete Your Sculpture Base:

  • Base (Wood, Metal, Plastic, Stone)

  • Stains and varnish for wood bases

  • Felt or rubber stick-on pads for bottom of base

  • Wood glue and wood screws (for bases with multiple parts)


Recommended Tools List for Work on Base

  • Regular brushes (for stains and varnish)

  • Drill and drill bits

  • Needle nose and regular pliers

  • Table or chop saw

  • Belt sander, orbital sander


See below for examples and details (hover over pictures)

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