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Finishing Workshop

Please book classes through Fort Mason Artists (online, or with check by mail). For up to date changes and other offerings visit FMA's official website.

Ceramic Sculpture Finishing without the use of Glazes

Mondays, June 10th through 24th 2024

In this 3 day workshop we will be taking a bisqued clay figure through the many finaling stages and mount it onto a base.

1.    Cleanup, changes and repairs 
2.    Strengthening of sculpture, adding mounting hardware (polyurethane resin, threaded rod)
3.    Temporary mounting for color application work
4.    Color application
5.    Building a base from Wood
6.    Mounting the sculpture onto the base
7.    Finishing touches.

Please bring the following to the first day of instruction:

Required Material List:

  • Ceramic Sculpture (bisque fired)

  • Newspaper, Rags (to clean up work, tools, work area)

  • Quart size plastic containers for mixing polyurethane.

  • Wood for Base (if other materials are desired then a finished base needs to be brought to class)

  • Minimum ¾ inch thick square temporary base board (side length 10 to 14 inches)

Recommended Material list:

  •  Clothing which can get stained and dirty

  • Acrylic and oil paints

  • paint and stipple brushes

  • If uncomfortable around acrylic paint, wood stain, sawdust, bring dust mask or respirator

Additional Costs:

  • Material fee: $25
    For items such as: Polyurethane resin, specialty items (glues, polymer clays, etc...) and other bulk items (rubber gloves, dust masks, primer paint for first coat, Faux Metal paint, etc...)

  • I will bring in various types of wood for the making of bases, which participants can buy from me by the inch lengths at cost.

  • I will also bring:

    • Threaded rod, washers, nuts for purchase

    • Mixing cups, funnel for resin work for communal use.

    • Masking tape (3/4 inch wide) for communal use.

Instructor: Konrad Dunton

Instructor's Website:

Class Tuition: $150

Date(s): 06/10/2024 - 06/24/2024

Day: Monday
Time: 6:15 PM - 10:15 PM
Number of meetings: 3

Location: MPIC Clubhouse

350 O'Shaughnessy Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94127

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