About The School

The Fort Masson Campus is part of City College of San Francisco and is located in Landmark Building B on the Fort Mason grounds.

We are in Room 107 on the ground floor.

Come early and enjoy the many scenic views around the Campus, there are also many galeries/museums, cafes, restaurants, an art supply store (Flax) and much more at Fort Mason.

General  Website: 

General Phone Number:   (415) 561-1840

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About The Teacher

Konrad Dunton has been working as an artist in spacial art for decades.

He has also taught/lectured in various art disciplines at colleges and universities for many years.

For more details about him and his work visit his website.


General Phone Number:   (650) 868-6336

Email: kdunton@ccsf.edu

"My Goal is to pursue my love for teaching and pass on what I have learned in the arts over the decades.

The Classes will be about Art, the human expression, sculpting- and building-techniques and most of all the joy of doing art."

Konrad Dunton